Land O Lakes 2020 Mens League update


Land O Lakes men's league will be starting Monday June 1 2020 attached to this email is a copy of the 2020 schedule.


For all captains roster sheet must be filled out and sent to the pro shop by Thursday May 28th.


***Check in guidelines***


-Every team must have players confirmed to pro shop every Monday and Wednesday no later then 5 pm!!

**This is so we can have carts available and spaced out for each team.


-Check in will be done outside the pro shop at a table set up in the front which will have all score cards and cart keys outside to be picked up by each player.


  -Every teams players are to be prepaid before 5 pm for power carts or round that evening! If players do not want to pre-pay the players are responsible for setting up a charge account at Land O Lakes pro shop but still calling or notifying the pro shop before 5 pm if they are playing that night.  


  -We will not be doing kp for the first couple weeks until more restrictions get lifted  


-We will still be doing a duce pot with each player calling in prior to starting each evening we will have a list of players: for the duce pot you must have exact change to enter the box will be set up on the table out front once you put your 2 dollars in staff member will add your name to the sheet.


-For the first week we will be playing with raised cups for any putt to count if you hit the hole and it bounce back more then a putter grip from the hole the putt does not count as in and an extra stroke will be added to the players score then picked up by the player.


-Putting on the green- when putting on the green the player closest to the hole will putt first until his ball is holed out once that player completes the hole the next player closest to the hole will go until he holes out his putt.

"It is still match play format and the other player can concede the hole at any time" 


After the round one player from each team is to bring the score card into the pro shop. No more then one person in the pro shop at all times!


-Prizes for League will be as followed for each evening

***High team points- Jug of beer

***Low team points- Jug of beer

***Duce pot

***50/50 Draw



For any more questions please call Craig at Land O Lakes Pro-Shop @ 403-345-2200


Thank you




8:00AM - 4:30PM


#1 704 4TH aVENUE noRTH
T1H 6X4